How to import my Google Earth POI's (KML File) to Navigator FREE
  • Hello@all
    i'm looking for a way to import my KML POI's into Mapfactor free (Android)
    Yesterday i've tested some file formats from GPSbabel to import them into
    Digger_12 and i found no way. :-(
    GPS Babel have an export format named "MapFactor Navigator". But Digger
    dont' know this format. (a Message like: Not connected ?!?)
    Know anybody a way to convert KML into ... (maybe an *.CSV?! or other Format)
    with name and notes included?
    thanks a lot ...
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  • @hvdwolf and @crocodilefarm seem to be some experts with digger here. Maybe you contact them directly. Or this helps: ;-)
  • You can export from gpsbabel to gpx and csv.
    Both can be read by diggerQT
  • Hello hvdwolf,
    can you explain me wich Format do you mean? i've tested many and no one works.
    Some Formats are shown without an suffix so i cant see, wich format is it.
    Some CSV Formats export only lat, lon, name without notes

    Sorry, but i think this is all horrable !  You must make some steps by hand and when you think youre ready than digger crashes:
    this line: 9.454547157305029,54.80827336521616,SP - 24937 Flensburg,   = works
    this line: 10.70104829938781,47.58178038322134,SP - 87629 Füssen, = crash when writing database
    this line: 10.70104829938781,47.58178038322134,SP - 87629 Füssen, , = works WHY?!?!
    and why not without the last comma? in line 1 is no comma too ...
    Crazy tool ...

  • @Oldie

    Thanks for your link.
    Now i've tested "RouteConverter". KML->"GPS Exchange Format 1.1"*.gpx and then with
    Digger12 -> Navigator and ..... "IT WORKS"

    Thanks a lot!!!!

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