Different locaton of carsymbol with card directon norh
  • I'm using Navigator Free on carradio, probably wince version.
    I kindly ask the development to center the carsymbol on the screen a little bit more up if the card direction mode is up north.
    Currently is it a bit in the lower part of the screen, where additionally all the infos are written. So if you drive south you don't see much of the coming area.
    Hoping for implementation and/or feedback. Best regards, Christian.
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  • Am I the only one?
    Who else is interested?
  • It is unfortunate that you have a wince version. In Android the cursor is in the middle of the screen. Wince seem not to be in the focus of programmers here. Problem has been discussed already.

    Maybe there is a workaround for you

    http://forum.mapfactor.com/discussion/comment/2498#Comment_2498 ?
  • Thanks for Info. Workaround only solves how to keep the map north not the positioning of the Carsymbol on the screen. But there It seems that a lot of people would like to have this changed.
    Where are you?
    Maybe the more ask for a change in the win version the better are our chances to get it developed!
  • I have already reported this behaviour back in August 2014 with no answer.And then repeated numerous times.
    As I had to drive south this week from Munich to Obergurgl which is almost due south this GPS-cursor position drove me crazy again as you almost see nothing of what lies ahead of you.
    My perfect behaviour would be, not like in the Android version always in the middle but depending on which direction you go:
    when you drive to north between 90°/270° maybe 110/290° the current position is ok
    when you drive to south between  90°/270° maybe 70/250° the cursor should be in the upper half like now in the lower
    When you are driving 90°/270° +/-20° this also keep the cursor position from jumping too much.
    Like I said my preferred solution.
    But I'd also be content with a cursor position in the middle like Android version does.

    And also please make the option GPS/Turn Maps finally persistent.
    I switch into navigate mode mostly when I'm already on the road and fiddling with tiny settings while you drive is quite dangerous if not even illegal in some countries.


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