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    I have pocketnavigator 14.20 on a micro sd-card on my car radio with windows CE. Since yesterday I have no more sound on my pocketnavigator. The music on the radio went down when the navigator need to give instruction but there is no sound annymore. What can be the problem and is it possible to install pocketnavigator again on the sd card to reset all settings or something? Hope you can help me.

    Kind Regards Erwin
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  • Hi Erwin,
    please check that sound file exists on your SD.
  • I have the same problem. I cannot hear the voice and the radio goes down. Even if I turn the voice (which I don't hear) to the minimum, the radio still goes down. This is aweful. As I would prefer to be navigated without a voice, I am less interested to get the voice but more to switch it totally off so that the radio does not go down! Does anybody know if this is possible and how?
  • set custom sound on in settings/advanced
  • In my version, probably WINCE, I don't find in Settings something like Advanced or custom sound. ???
  • no, this is in Android only
  • Does anybody knows how it works in WIN Version?
  • Run 'Navigator Setup Utility' - Maps - Languages - Your and add english.
    Install additional maps and languages on WinCE (folder 'data').
    Run Navigator on WinCE, Menu - Settings - Application - Language and Voice.
    If sth goes wrong, change to english.
  • I think this is the instruction to get the sound. Right?
    But I do not need the (missing) sound.
    I want to find a setting where I have no navivoice and the music of the radio does NOT goes down.
  • IMHO it is not possible to turn it off, for the while, in WinCE, but You can uninstall navivoice by rename file sounds in folder DATA.
    e.g. open file manager, and in folder Navigator/Data rename file sounds.mca to sounds.bak
    Run Navigator and test it, without navivoice and with music I hope.
    Complicated, but it works.(???)

    As I understand, when You navigate, voice icon in right bottom corner, is connected with navivoice and music?
  • I'll test it and come back afterwards. But it will last some days or more.

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