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  • Hello community. I was used to follow my Navi having the map in direction North. (I really like this because this way I always know where I am and its like seeing his own car driving on the map. Wonderful. ) But now in Navigator Free I miss this possibiliy. (seems to be only possible without being guided) Am I to stupid to find it or is this feature not implemented. If first can anybody help, if second who else is sharing this wish?
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  • Hi Christian, go to settings, navigation map mode. 2D always north up.
  • @cstoeger
    It works ok in Android.
    In Windows and WINCE versions, the setting is under GPS, Turn Maps [off] which is supposed to mean North up. The problem here is, as soon as you switch to navigation mode, this setting is forgotten and you have to set it again in navigation mode.
    Is an old feature already, but was never fixed/accepted as a bug.

  • Many thanks. I tried and it works.
    But now the location of the carsymbol doesn't fit properly, because it is in the lower part of the screen, where additionaly all Infos are written. So if you drive south, you do not really see much of the coming area. I think to post this in a separate discussion. Maybe mapfactor can and wants to shift the location of the carsymbol, depending of the carddirection.
  • This I have already reported numerous times too with no effect.
    WINCE development seem to be on a very low priority.

  • Ok. I'll try again. Is this alldiscussion forum the right place?

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