installation issue WM6 smartphone
  • Hi, need help, cannot install on my smartphone, error message on phone says:  "Installation of was unsuccessful.  The installation file is not intended for this device".  Thanks in advance.
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  • which operating system does your phone has?
  • WM6 standard, not touchscreen, is that the issue?
  • Have you tried both versions, ce and mobile. sometimes the pocket PC/smartphone asked to acknowledge a certificate. Otherwise you can try copying the cab file to the phone and start it from there.
  • Hi. When I try to run the installer for Navigator Free on my PC, it goes straight to the PC Installation with no option for install on portable device as is shown in the manual. This was downloaded from the link marked 'Download Setup Utility Windows', but I can't find any other.

    I have tried copying the CAB file over to my mobile (WM6.5) and running it, but it doesn't like this.

    Any suggestions?

  • copying cab should do the trick, do you get any message when you run it?
  • Ah, I've got it now. I was getting confused between installing the setup utility on the PC, and installing the Navigator application on the mobile device.

    I have now got it going, and downloaded a Great Britain map and an Earth one (can't wait to see what that does), but when I run Navigator it doesn't seem to come up with any maps automatically. I have looked for a settings option to select it, but can't seem to find one. The manual just seems to say that it should be there straight away. Does it just like the maps to be in the same folder as the application, perhaps? I put them in a subfolder called 'Maps'...

    Thanks for your help. 

  • maps can be anywhere under windows mobile, navigator will find them
    but, did you actually transferred maps on to your mobile phone? this is done in setup utilities/install map data
  • Well, what do you know? It's the old turn it off and back on again. I should have thought of that, what? Put it in the manual...

    It works fine now - a very good tool. Thanks.

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