Navigation on bicycle via a node with tags barrier=bollard and bicycle=yes not permitted
  • Hello, I open this thread to report a bug navigating on bicycle, via a node barrier = bollard , with tag bicycle = yes.

    PC Navigator free (v.14), with type vehicle = bicycle, warns that you are going through a closed area, but calculates the route correctly (if there is one point in this area). The bug is that the area is not closed for bicycles and there should be no warning.

    The version for Android instead, with vehicle type = bike, does not want to go through a node with barrier = bollard despite the tag bicycle = yes

    I have not found these bugs in the forum, someone can tell me if and when it will be resolved?

    Thank you very much,
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  • A bollard should be implicit bicycle=yes
  • That's what he says: "..does not want to go through a node with barrier = bollard despite the tag bicycle = yes"
  • Sorry for my bad English.
    I try to explain: it is impossible to get into a cycle path protected by a bollard as the Android version considers the bollard like a wall impassable, even with type vehicle = bicycle.
  • I can confirm: Navigator can't find a bicycle route for this:,9.18582;48.80817,9.18568#map=19/48.80836/9.18535
    Probably because of this bollard:

    Map Germay South OSM 44-201502200
    Navigator 1.5.22
  • What I meant: Navigator should be programmed to allow bollards for bicycles unless otherwise specified by e.g. bicycle=no.
  • @mdx: An old thread but just as actual now as it was 6 months ago.

    I just experienced it in Amsterdam when cycling from Rembrandt Park to/and through VondelPark via the "Theophile de Bockbrug" (cycle bridge). It is, ánd a cycleway, ánd part of several cycleroutes, but MNF refuses to use that route because of the bollards which are there to prevent car traffic.

    If ("mode=bicycle" && "highway == cycleway") then ignore bollards.
    To me this seems like a simple if-then statement. These kind of stupid, easily to recover errors make me (still) use OsmAnd for cycling instead of MNF.

    Please fix.

    Edit: with image

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