Is Navigator compatible with MirrorLink ?
  • Hello,
    First I warmly congratulate the developpers of Navigator. This app greatly assisted me along the 3000km that I drove in Australia last July.

    I plan to buy a new small car (Peugeot 108 or Citroen C1 or Toyota Aygo) with the function MirrorLink ( that can duplicate the screen of my smartphone to the touch screen of the car, but only the apps that are compatible with MirrorLink can run. More and more cars are compatible with it now. Google Maps can run but without mobile data, it is useless.

    Any information about MirrorLink and its CCC with Navigator ?

    vr34, France
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  • @tomas do you know anything about it?
  • it is too early to say anything
    we may no more next month
  • As we are now in March 2015 and as Mirrorlink 1.1 is more and more integrated in our smartphones (Android Lollipop) and touch screens of cars (for instance PSA-Toyota 108-C1-Aygo: and more) can we hope seeing our favorite Navigator in our future cars ?

  • yes, you can hope :-)
  • Thx. That's great  ;)
  • Hello. I come back here, hoping some good news about the compatibility of MapFactor Navigator to Mirrorlink 1.1.
    Will Navigator become Mirrolink-enabled soon ?

  • no, we started this, but suspended development due to other priorities
  • I would not need a mirror of my phone in the car, since I use the phone in my car. Why have two displays for navigation instead of one?

    And the other thing is, that mirrorlink is for a number of cars but not for all. There are major car brands not covered by mirrorlink.
  • Oldie, the use of a mobile phone in a car is forbidden in several countries. The purpose of mirrorlink is to authorize only apps of the smartphone that are safe when driving, validated by the Car Connectivity Consortium (please visit These apps are mirrored on the touch screen of the car.
    For instance, if the car has a touch screen but no gps, Mapfactor could be used, without manipulating the smartphone. Apart from the safe drive, the main advantage is the price: mapfactor is free whereas gps option for cars are generally more than 500€
    And as it is a new feature, of course mirrorlink is not installed yet in all cars but will be. Mirrorlink is now available on several new small cars
  • To complete, has added a banner showing the cars that integrate the feature.

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