Roads not showing up
  • Hi
    I noticed that only the largest highways show up on the maps when browsing them.
    Thanks and great job you are guys doing.
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  • Hi, where exactly are you looking?
  • Hello, I think I know what does zaigel mean. It is my problem as well. When I plan my route (by car), usually I customize it and I want to add some waypoints. I have e.g. 50-60 km on the screen at once (here in Slovakia, open street maps). At this zoom level, the main streets (cesty 1. a 2. tridy) are almost invisible. When I compare it with or google maps (on the same android phone), the difference is obvious. Maybe this is problem of open street maps, when I compare them with google maps or on computer monitor, the difference is obvious here as well.

    Proste pri takom zobrazeni, kedy je naraz na obrazovke par okresov, su okresne cesty 1. a 2. triedy velmi zle viditelne. Pri vyssom zoome su uz viditelne, ale potom clovek straca celkovy prehlad. aj google mapy su v tomto ovela lepsie. Mozno je to problem samotnych open street maps, ked si ich porovnam s google mapami alebo na obrazovke pocitaca, aj tu vidiet, ze cesty su ovela menej napadne aj chybaju aj nazvy miest.
  • It has nothing to do with OSM, it has to do with how MNF renders the map data.
    When MNF is on low zoomlevels, the detail of roads is vanishing. Also of a lot of other map data but I don't care too much. I too think that roads should stay longer visible at lower zoomlevels. Motorways stay visibile for a long time but when you are in large, rural areas without motorways or trunks you don't see the roads anymore.

    There are some options to modify this a little in the file like "minimal line width" and "shrinking ratio". That way you can improve the visibility of roads (also other items but we are now discussing roads) on lower zoomlevels a bit.
  • hvdwolf, thanks for suggestions, I have already found Map scale, Road size slider, when I have set it to maximum, the road visibility improved much and now it is pretty good.

  • " file like "minimal line width" and "shrinking ratio"
    Could you guys give some directions on how to get to the ""

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