Vehicle Type Should Change Automatically
  • A badly needed feature: Navigator app should give user option that permits vehicle type changes automatically depending on range to destination.

    For example, I want to start a 50 mile trip by taking only major highways in the beginning, then switch to streets and rural roads when I get within 5 miles of my destination.

    In other words, the trip starts out using Truck or Bus highway preferences and when within 5 miles of destination vehicle type automatically switches to Car or Bicycle local streets preference.

    This would be an easy feature to implement as range is already calculated and announced when only a mile from destination.
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  • 'switches to Car or Bicycle'
    which one would 'automatic switching' choose?
  • It should be a User Option (Bicycle was a bad example, sorry).

    I have two types of Car vehicles configured in my Navigator app.  CountyCar for rural road county driving and TownCar for city driving, but I never know which vehicle to choose at the start of a trip.

    I want to take interstates at the start of a long trip, and the Car vehicle has a low priority for major high ways.

    It would be nice to program a route using Truck (highway preferences) in the beginning of a long trip and Car highway preferences as the range to destination reduces to under 3 miles automatically.

  • not sure if this can be done as the route is calculated before you start
    BTW, small roads far from departure, destination and waypoints are already ignored, so your suggention more or less exists
  • I don't understand this request. 
    If you prefer motorways on the long stretches, you get motorways on the long stretches especially if you put the preference for motorways a little higher (say from 50 to 60). If you are close to your destination the motorways end anyway and no matter whether you drive into a city or into the countryside, you automatically get to smaller roads.
    So why the need?

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