set a starting and ending destination
  • I have added locations to my places.  I want to select a starting point and an end point for my wife.  I will have a couple of options on different routes in google.  Here is what I want to do if this can be done.

    I want to preset her routes before she leaves town. There are several ways from point A to point B and point B to point A.  I want to select the route that she should take.  Plus I want to put some other routes in favorites if I can

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  • that is possible
    set destination, departure and waypoints and then you can save it to My places in Route info

  • If I have route A, B or C, can I select the route I want or is it just the default route.

  • Using waypoints, you can save several different routes between A and B. Each route can be saved in My places and loaded when you need them. You load the route you want and navigate it.
  • OK, thank you.  I will just need the one route to make it non-confusing to the wife, also, so she won't have to cross five lanes of traffic.

    I'm using the free maps, but will google the route for her and load them.

    thank you
  • I'm doing something wrong.  I'm having a problem trying to set starting and destination points together.

  • From menu choose My Places, search or select a location on the map. You will be offered a sub menu so select  "Set as Departure". Do the same for your destination but choose "Set as Destination" on the sub menu. If you want to follow a particular route select some waypoints & choose "Set as Waypoint" on the sub menu. When you have chosen all your points return to the menu & select Route Info, Your Start, Destination & Waypoints will be displayed. Choose the option to save them. Once saved you can delete the points then set up a new route as above. When you want to use a route open My Places, then My Routes. Choose your route from the list you have created & select load.
  • You have to select a first point. Set it as start or destination, what ever you need for that point. Go back to search. Search for the next point. Set this point as you need it. Instead of using the search fields, you may tap and hold a place in the map. You will get a menu, from where you can select start ("S" flag on the map). Go back to the map, tap and hold on the next place you want to select. From the context menu, select destination symbol (checkered finish flag).

    Then you can go for example to tools. There select calculate route etc. It will do so.
  • Every time I set a start point and destination it shows my starting point as my current location.  Here is my steps.  
    I googled my start and destination points and saved to my places.
    My Places select start point set as depature
    go back to menu, my places select destination,   Set as destination
    route info, I see  my two points,  savet as school route
    my places select my routes - school route, load route, I see my two routing points "S" and a "flag"
    Navigate - it show my location 1800 miles away as the route
    When I go into tools then it shows the route.  I guess it automatically shows your current location when you select navigate.

    Can I select the route from google and save.  It's easy to adjust that route.

  • Are you actually 1800 miles away from your saved start point,
  • Yes, I'm in Eugene Oregon and the wife is taking care of the grandkids in Omaha, NE.  Trying to prepare her for some of the routes she has to travel

  • you need to use Calculate route, Navigate will start from your GPS position

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