Importing POI's
  • I'm getting a little frustrated now as nothing seems to work, many threads are lacking complete info and the one thing I was told to do (Go to search / POI / Imports ) does nothing as there is nothing there.
    I'm trying to import POI's from my TomTom. I have them as the original .ov2 files. Is there anything I can do with them?
    I also have them in .csv format saved as UTF 8 files, comma separated. I deleted all bar 9 rows of data and still Digger simply returns:
     "Import started, output path is 'C:\Downloads\digger_12_1_5\import\Camping_S_Spots.mca'
    [Step #1] : test 9 source objects...
    0 map objects loaded.
    Error: mapFactor exception: All data was banned, cannot finish import."

    at the last step. 

    I also tried to convert the .ov2 file to .gpx which worked, but then when I tried to use Digger to convert gpx to .mca it got to the "Object appearance assignment" tab and the 'next' button was still greyed out.

    So I'm kind of stuck and have tried everything.

    Can anyone who knows how to import TomTom POI's into MapFactor please try and clarify where I'm going wrong here?
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  • Can you share your csv file with us?
  • I don't know how to add csv file here
  • OK I've got the mca file now and have added the info to another thread

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