Co-ordinates in wrong format
  • When one goes into search/coordinates they are required to be entered in decimal degrees, excellent.  When one looks at the coordinate position on the map they are shown in DD MM SS.S which I do not like.  I have studied the menus at length but can find no way to change this.  Does anyone know how?

    Yours harry (R)
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  • this cannot be changed, but coordinates can be entered in other formats - click the questionmark please
  • Thank you but I do not see a question mark on any of the screens.

    Harry (R)
  • on coordinate input page
  • I can't find that question mark either in the android version. Do you mean the windows version or the Android version?
    I'm really confused. I checked again (closed MNF, tried 10 minutes later) and now there is a question mark.
    I can't actually believe I didn't see that the first time as I was specifically looking for it.  ???
  • Well there's a funny thing.  Suddenly I have a question mark too.  Odd; as it definitely was not there last night, I could not have missed that, it very prominent.  Yes that is fine as far as it goes, that page is already set to decimal degrees as I want it but the map panel is "DD MM SS.S" as I do not want it.  There is no question mark there, I am afraid.  I badly want the ability to reset that.

    Harry (R)
  • Could the developers please look into giving the option for coordinates format.

    Harry (R)
  • question mark=icon with ? symbol
  • Yes, I know. But just like (the other) Harry I did not see it in first instance. As mentioned I can hardly believe that I didn't see it the first time and that I did the second time. I really looked for it after Tomas' answer.

  • Me too,  strange!

    Harry (R)
  • Coords format is fine for me with the 3 formats given in "?" Help box. What I'd like to offer is something that stumped me until I actually looked at the help box. I thought I was entering coords correctly (I was not and didn't know) cuz the msg I got was that Navigator has stopped working? Navigator, th├át msg should definitely be chged to Wrong Format or the like, to alleviate any confusion.
  • normally your text would turn red

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