Time in Destination
  • How is this calculated - with my existing settings I am always late!!  How to change?
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  • In (car) profiles you can set individual speed for specific roads there. Most people get more realistic arrival time by substantially reducing speeds there.
  • Many thanks for that  -  does my star percentage affect it or just the road speeds themselves?
  • Both of them. Speed is essential.
  • Thanks again.  I have spent a couple of hours experimenting (mucking about) with the car profile, finally giving it the exact setting of the default truck.   The car's Time in Destination remains very much as it was (on the test trip 01:55:54) whereas the default truck with the same settings takes 2:32:06.
    The test trip is a mixture of motorway, and other major roads. The car (with truck settings)  averages 63mph, which in my wildest dreams I can never do.
    The default truck averages 48.4 mph.
    I conclude that I must select a truck when driving a car and hope I never meet a truck doing its expected speed!! 
  • You have to reduce speed quite substantially. Effective speed in cities is somewhat below 20 km/h. Even on highways at ordinary traffic time often quite below 100km/h and so on. I and other users in this forum (somewhere to find in this forum ;-) ) find navigation times much more realistic, when doing so.
  • JOHNKIRKUS, I would create my own Car rather then use Truck
  • Thanks again Oldie and tomas. As a Newbie here I clearly should have found previous threads but failed to do so. Slowly and more slowly onwards, Cheers.
  • Don't worrry. If I had found them again, I would have posted them :-D. Just wanted to mention, that there is some experience, which should help you as well. ;.)

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