Street numbers in MapFactor Navigator in offline mode
  • Hi, I have searched the forums and apologies if this has already been asked. When searching for an address that has a street number I go online and used the google search feature and it works well.

    Is there any way of searching for a street number without going online to search? I can't seem to find a street number field in MapFactor Navigator. It has all the other address fields like street name, suburb, postcode etc. Thanks in advance!
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  • when street numbers are available in the map data then you can search for it, for example New York/Manhattan/5th Avenue.
    Unfortunately house numbers are frequently missing in free maps, but are available in TomTom maps.

    Free maps are created by volunteers at - anybody can join and help to make maps better using their local knowledge.

    UK postcodes are in a separate file, so check that it has been downloaded
  • Thank you tomas for the information!
  • What I have noticed: A single streets can be listed several times (in sections ?), but this is often not very helpful. Even if house number can be seen in a map, the number is not selectable via user interface.

    A bit of topic:
    Searching for cities can be painfull, if you don't know the county. Maybe a (new) "show on map feature" for all selected can help to find the right one.
  • ... the number is not selectable via user interface...

    What I noticed only recently is that, if you have a list of housenumbers in one line (separated by komma) from Navigator, you may not be able to select just one housenumber from this line. But you can type this single housenumber into the field and go on with this specific number (i.e. navigate, show on map, set as ...). You must just not stick to select everything from Navigator's list.
  • I'm a new user of Navigator, and have been very impressed so far.  The vast majority of destinations I have looked for do not have addresses in the maps.  It has taken me a while to realize that I could get the addresses by purchasing the Tom Tom maps - sorry if I missed that statement somewhere, but it would have been very helpful on a recent trip if I had known that before departing.  I'm just suggesting that it be stated very clearly somewhere that many addresses are missing from the free databases, but are easily found in the Tom Tom ones.

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