two suggestions for the navigation panels
  • While navigating, the panels at the bottom of the screen can be set to such quantities as
    • Time to destination
    • Time in destination
    • Time to waypoint
    • Distance to waypoint
    • Current journey distance

    I have a couple of other suggestions

    • Current journey time
    • Battery %

    Given there is already "Current journey distance", why not add "Current journey time"? This would work the same as my bicycle odometer.

    When cycle touring being able to display "Battery %" would be quite handy.

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  • there is current journey distance in the latest version, but not time
    battery status is usually in the notification bar
  • Battery status is not in notification bar as percentage, which is especially useful for cycling. And notification bar is barely readable when cycling too. So I understand the intentions of this proposal.

    For cycling I use Oruxmaps, which has such an option for battery percentage.
  • I do have it percentage using GSam battery monitor
  • Thanks tomas for the tip on GSam battery monitor, looks useful because as Oldie says the battery percentage/ icon is very small, especially if viewed in sunshine as with cycle touring. Following a recent tip from another MFN user I am now also using the GMD Immersive app to maximize the screen anyway, and hence notifications and main menu icons are no longer displayed. Either way, the numbers displayed in the navigation panels are more readable (larger), so may still be a useful feature to consider in future.

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