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  • Currently there are 3 Optimisation modes available under Profile.  I have  a question and a request.


    I can understand the first two but I am not sure of the third "Cheapest". 

    Q.  Does anybody know what are the parameters for this profile. 

    (Personally I found this to be the best for my recorded routes)

    R.  Can we have an additional choice - " Avoid Motorways where possible"

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  • You can generally avoid motorways by editing your car profile or editing the route settings.
  • Hi chattiewoman

    Can you please expand on this.

    Its apparent that there is a lot of functionality available but I cannot find the relevant documentation to make it easy to understand and utilise.

    I have downloaded the Navigator for Android manual 2013 but its very basic.

    is there a more detailed document?

  • There is a PDF here.
    Check the page 56 and some previous pages, you will find a list of all you want to avoid.
    In short, go in the settings -> Vehicle profiles -> Car -> Road restrictions.
  • Thanks

    really good with a lot of flexibility - but now I have noticed some other issues.

    Now I can set-up specific "Route Setup" for a recorded route. The problems are :-

    1 - I cannot save the recorded route with the new "Route Setup" pofile
    2 - The new "Route Setup" profile overrides the default "Active Profile"

    The ideal way is to save the "Route Setup" within the recorded route and after unloading the route it goes back to the default "Vehicle Profile".
    If loading a recorded route with embedded "route profile" then it takes priority over the default "Vehicle Profile"

    Any suggestions or should I start a new post on Vehicle and Route profiles

  • you can add vehicle profile and leave default as it is
  • still the same behaviour. 

    Whether I add a vehicle profile or change the Route Setup to a recorded route the "new" choice becomes the future default.

    This means that I have to make sure to remember to check the profile every time i use the Navigator and make a note which profile to use for my different recorded routes. 

    For instance today I followed a route using the Bicycle profile. The Bicycle profile became the active profile which is not what I have as a default profile for general navigation.

    Let me know if I am doing it wrong
  • yes, but that is how it is supposed to be
    users set their own profile and want to stick to it, they do not want to set it every time again and again
  • I accept this  - i feel the same as the other users  - do not want to set it every time again and again but this what I have to consciously remember to check the "vehicle profile" on top of other things. 

    As an enhancement - can we have a "vehicle profile" embedded with every recorded route that is only active during the route.

    I guess I am the only one who uses the pre-recorded functionality more than anything else and want to see more improvements 

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