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  • Hi, I paid for truck tomtom I had to uninstall your app then I reinstall it and now when I go to download truck tomtom map. its asking for payment again..... help please
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  • go to Settings and click Send logs

    please type your order ID
  • Hi just checked and it now says purchased but!! but how do I know its downloaded truck tomtom maps, because theirs no download button? it just says purchased and thats it...?
  • you can check in Map manager/download maps,
  • can anybody tell me why its says I can upgrade to truck tomtom maps when I alread bought them? now it wants 20 euros to upgrade them. I thought updates was free?
  • unfortunately TomTom map upgrades are not free, we have to pay to TomTom for every download
    however, you do not need to upgrade every time we release TomTom maps, you can do it whenever in the future, or not at all
  • I have been using TomTom maps for several years for use with my motorhome. Although not as large as a truck Navigator recently tried to route me down a road with a 2m width restriction. I did wonder whether upgrading to the truck version would be possible, but it appears that this might cost me €49.99 as a new purchase. It that correct.

    I am unsure just how diligent TomTom is at making updates. I purchased the last update in February but still come across roundabouts and modified junction that are not shown on the maps but have obviously been in place for some time.

    I understand why printed maps are often so far out of date but not why digital ones should be.

    Does TomTom publish a list of changes between one release and another or even which countries have been changes? It would make it easier to justify upgrading if you knew you were getting real value for money and not paying for upgraded to countries I have no imminent intention of visiting!

    Finally do you display which release of maps is currently installed. I have looked but could not find it anywhere
  • it would probably be better to ask TomTom these questions

    maps release is in Map manager/download maps
  • Hi Tomas

    Yes I saw that but where does it tell you what version is currently installed? Would TomTom recognise version 51 if I aked them or is that MapFactor's numbering?

    What about upgrading from standard to truck?
  • 51 is our numbering, but you have date there as well - this was released by TomTom late September 2014 and by us this week

    it is possible to upgrade from standard to truck version
  • Just looked at TomTom website. It appear that they update the maps 4 times a year as follows


    Feb v925

    May v930

    Aug v935

    Nov v940

    However there is no clue to the changes made between versions and no correlation to Navigator map updates.
  • Your reply arrives as I was composing last comment!

    Re upgrade - how much would that be for Android version?

    Does the program change too or is it just different data in the map file?
  • we get maps from TT four times per year
    late March, late June, late September and late December
    we release it four to six weeks later
  • Hi Tomas

    How much to upgrade from standard to truck maps?
  • on Android
    europe 25 euros
    single country 20 euros
  • Hi Tomas

    That sounds more reasonable but how do I do this? When I open Map Manager on my tablet I am offered a standard upgrade for €10 or purchase Truck Maps for €49.99!

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