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  • I am using Mapfactor Navigator Free now since two years on a 7"-tablet, mainly as "moving map" (2D, north up) while driving motorcycle and as backup for my old but still good TomTom Windows Mobile Navigation. Due to the many improvements that happened in this time it now is an application which for my purposes is better than anything I know for Android devices (I've tried TomTom, Sygic, Navigon, Route66).

    Nevertheless, if I could make wishes they were:
    • A bigger (or customizable) speedlimit-symbol. For me it is really hard to recognise on a short glance at the screen.
    • Formatting the panel display "GPS date" according to the used application language settings. Now it always shows "yy.mm.dd", in e.g. german language "dd.mm.yy" would be correct.
    • Automatically unchecking every passed routing point like TomTom does (at least the Windows Mobile version).
    • An option to mark a routing point as "visited" which means that every point from start to the "visited" one is unchecked and routing continues from current position to the next checked point. Vice versa it should be possible to mark a passed/unchecked point as "to visit". Usefull for example when restarting the application in the middle of a route with a lot of routing points or to bypass e.g. the next ten routing points. At the moment it takes a lot of time to do this for every single point manually.
    • Finally it would be fine to see the current speed limit while driving even if there's no route actually planned/calculated.


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  • +1 some excellent suggestions
  • Automatically unchecking every passed routing point like TomTom does (at least the Windows Mobile version).

    Navigator does this
  • If a route with several routing points is loaded you can choose or unchoose every routing point exept start and target under "route info".
  • @tomas: You are right, I didn't recognise this before.

    @hurdygurdyman: In the last sentence of that paragraph I mentioned that this can take time, especially if you are not fast enough. It happens to me that a short time after unchecking a new route calculation takes place. When you have a lot of routing points this really takes a lot of time.
  • ok, JambaFee, you're right with that and I missunderstood your post. Tfulfil a wish would be nice to have but for me it's not essential.

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