External sd and WIN CE
  • I have installed my new DoubleDIN car multimedia device into my car.

    I put Mapfactor on SD card and feed it into the Radio.

    The device cannot find GPS. The GPS antenna is installed on the car and correctly connected (it is working with other GPS-software)

    What do I miss?
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  • try to set it manually, if you know port and baud rate

  • Tomas,


    Does the GPS coax connection have a port and baud rate?

  • is it GPS or just GPS antenna?
    perhaps you should ask hardware supplier
  • SAME problem here, I was able to install the prog on my car headunit BUT unfortunately it CANT detect my GPS antenna/receiver...
    WHAT files on the program that needs to do some editing for me to set my BAUD & PORT manually?
    I try to do the changes directly on the programs features but NO LUCK...


  • settings.xml, section GPS_TMC

  • Hello Tomas
    I have the same problem as Vroegop  and swertr3s,everything ok with the installation but(canĀ“t detect,find,the gps antenna).
    Can you be more specific of what we have to do,please.

    In my case the gps specifications:
    operation system:
    Microsoft Windows C.E.NET 6.0
    CPU: Sirf atlas V-500mhz
    GPS.COM: 2
    GPS BAUD :_9600


  • please amend file settings.xml, section

  • Hi Tomas
    Now i do that and the application dont run :(

    i do that


    Shoult i change here too?


    Thanks,and sorry my igrorance
  • this section is for TMC, so leave it as it is

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