Take next exit - what does the French voice say?
  • Being a German, I like very much the French ladie's voice and gives me an opportunity to train my knwoledge of the French language a little little bit.

    But I do not know, what the lady sais, when I am on a highway (or equivalent road) and I shall take the next exit (several commands when nearing and taking the exit).

    Can someone write here the French wording of the lady in that cases. It sounds so strange to me, that I even cannot guess any French term known to me, what it could be. I would assume "prenez prochaine sortie" but to me it sounds totally different.
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  • If you mean the tts voice, you can look it up in the tts.xml:
    Search for the German expression, copy the token ID, search for it until the French version is found
  • Nobody can tell me? Or is there a file, where I could read it?

    Ok, I think I found it in tts.xml. It seems to be the term

        <text>(Prendre la) Bretelle d'access.</text>

    That sounds most as the non tts language.

    Though I am no French, I assume several mistakes there.

    Bretelle is an "approach road", why not simply using "Sortie", when approaching an exit!? And "access" is plural (why that) and more or less similar as in English "access road", so togehter you are asked to take an approach road to access roads ...

    In wikipedia.fr they use bretelle für the lane of decelaration or acceleration. But also in German the command ist not to take the deceleration lane but the exit. And the brettelle d'access is for entering a highway and not leaving it ...

  • I'm not french so I hoped one of the french would jump in.
    I'm almost a 100% sure she says:  "Prenez la bretelle d'accès dans 500 metre." (Take the sliproad in 500 meters). And if I throw that in Google translate it seems correct.

  • Google translates into German

    "Nehmen Sie die Auffahrt in 500 Meter". Not "Ausfahrt"! Auffahrt is entree or access (entry), not exit or sortie.

    This may be correct, when e n t e r ing an highway, but not when l e a v ing.

    In English Google translated
    for me "ramp", not "slipway".
  • I'm french and hvdwolf is right, the lady says "Prenez la bretelle d'accès". The term "bretelle" refers to a connection between a highway and another road (or between 2 highways), so it is mostly used when taking an exit of the highway. But I must admit that even if it's technically correct, we never use it, and always use instead the more common "sortie"...

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