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  • If I go in offline mode to a contact address, navigator
    starts and could not find the corresponding address on the map (the map is on
    the phone)

    If I do the same in online mode, everything works fine.

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  • you probably use Google search, which indeed only works, if the phone is online.

  • @Oldie; I click on the address information under my
    android contacts (galaxy S5) and then I will be asked if I want to use
    Navigator, which I answer with yes.

    So I havenĀ“t used Google search.

  • In this case I assume that you mean with "online" that you have a GPS fix, which is something else than being online via data connection or WiFi.
    My addresses in my contacts contain street, housenumber, city, postcode, and sometimes country. With this combination Navigator can find the address. I always use:
    Streetname number, City, postcode, country

    It works no matter whether I have a GPS fix or not (from the sofa for example)

    I was wrong
  • setting contacts navigation is an online feature, it uses Google to convert address to coordinates
  • I proposed earlier to use the contact data fields to do an offline search, but without any success:
  • I know, but it would be quite difficult
  • @tomas, if I put the address information manually in
    the search fields of navigator, it works without Google. Why that?

    I tried also other navigation software, and it works
    also offline.

    So I think, there will be a way, that it works offline
    without Google. But I don't know how difficult this will be to realise.

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