Adding an arbitrary waypoint for route?
  • From the map can I simply tap a point to make it a waypoint or destination? For example I may not be familiar with the location/ it may not have an address/ it may often be faster than having to enter an address when I can just see the place I want to navigate to, or use as a waypoint along the route.

    I don't know whether this is currently possible. It isn't obvious, if it is.
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  • Yes, you can create a departure/waypoint/destination by tapping on the map.
    If you do (and it might take 2 or 3 attempts) you will see a small square appearing and sometimes selection of a road part. Then you will see at the top of your screen icons for start/waypoint/destination, add to favourites, etc.
  • Thanks hvdwolf - you mention it may take 2 or 3 attempts - yes that is my experience too. Sometimes I tap many more times and nothing happens at all which is quite confusing. Is this a bug/ another app in the background using too much CPU time/ me not accurately tapping in a correct location? Then at other times a single tap works perfectly well, so I can't explain what is wrong ;-(
  • It is mostly a case of not zooming in enough. If you are on detail level it almost always works instantaniously.
    I assume that when you are on a lower zoomlevel your fingers (everyones fingers) are too thick to select a precise part of the map.
    Also note the motorways and trunks: Zoom in or you might select the wrong side of the road.

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