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  • Special situation. I deliver mail and have the route, in order, on navigator. There are days we do not deliver to every mailbox. When in Navigation mode, Navigator attempts to recalculate the route when those mail boxes are skipped, always attempting a new route to get back to them. I want to know if I can get the navigation to just route me down the ordered list and, if I skip a mailbox, it just proceeds to the next in the list.

    Thanks in advance.
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  • go to Route inf and untick waypoints you do not want to go to
  • Tomas, thanks for the reply. My problem is I don't have time to go through 250 route entries and take out those mailboxes I will be skipping. It's a fast paced sort of operation.
  • hm, but what criteria woiuld you put to ignore waypoint, some users do not want it off
  • Maybe joshuah means something like a function included in TomTom: You can mark any waypoint as "visited", which means that all points before in the route are unchecked and routing continues from active position to next point of the route.
  • May there is some gap distance which marks a waypoint visited? Get as near as this gap and the waypoint is marked.
    I often use cities centers as waypoints (to cross these cities but nothing specific within), but most often the center is not directly on the way through, which results in some circles within the city (to get to the center). A value to pass this center (waypoint) in distance of x would help then.
    Alternatively a tap on the waypoints flag symbol on the routing screen?
  • I think JambaFee is on to something there. That sounds just like what I need. TomTom is the only system out there with this feature? I think it would be the perfect addition to navigator. Thanks JambaFee.
  • I have a similar issue. It would be a great feature.
  • Just discovered within ALK CoPilot: This one differantiates between StopOvers (which it navigates through) and WayPoints (which it headsto but marks them as done when you are nearby (distance not clear to me)).

    I guess MN handles its waypoints as StopOvers.

    Maybe it is an option to have the posibility to show the next waypoint which is currently active, and by tapping this to get an option to skip it or mark it as visited. An entry in the botton panel could be an option fpr visualisation.
  • Hi, I was pointed to this discussion from another discussion as I have the same request.....

    One problem with pre-recorded routes is the behaviour when a waypoint is missed, due to a road closure or any other reason, the app insists of re-calculating back to the missing waypoint although the next waypoint has been reached.

    The Garmin Zumo 390 has the option to ignore or bypass a waypoint - but this will still be annoying as you must stop (being on a motorcycle, remove gloves etc) and physically key in the instruction to "ignore" the "passed" waypoint. ( with Zumo is easier as the screen works with the gloves on but is very dangerous doing it on the move)

    Ideal solution is to ignore the missed waypoint after say a time limit or distance limit of ignoring the redirection to the "missed waypoint".

    Is this feasible or technically impossible?

    As being a newbie on this forum I am not sure how to get a suggestion on to the "change request list" for the developers or project members to evaluate and hopefully deliver the enhancement.

    It seems that I am not the only one asking for this enhancement -- how do we get this progressed to the next stage?
  • By the way, since testing the Android 1.4.x version(s), the route recalculation has really lost some performance.
  • I do not think there has been any change
    please let me know why you think that
  • I don't know what kind of answer you are expecting :-)
    I use Navigator regularly and have tested lots of versions. Hence: if something changes (or takes longer/shorter than before), then most likely I will detect it.
    When I used it yesterday, I wondered why the route recalculation took longer than expected.
  • time used for route calculation/recalculation depends on many factors, may be you could give some details, routing points, your position at the time of recalculation...
  • I left the calculated route twice on my last journey, and both times, on totally different places, the recalculation took longer. Hence I got the impression that it always takes a bit longer than in earlier versions, but I will check that on future journeys.

    But as you asked, here is one waypoint that I can remember when recalculation was needed:
    My route went from south to north on the motorway A31, but I took the indicated exit.

    By the way: I never said that the recalculation is now unbearable long. It is only longer than in the past.

  • I'm afraid I have to disagree with Chattiewoman, at least with regard to my phone.
    About 6-8 months ago I did some measurements between nav apps. The longest calculation I did was from "Kiruna city center, Sweden" to "calle moby Dick, Malaga, Spain" (where my hotel was some holiday :) ).
    At that time (with 1.2.50?) it took 30 seconds. Now it takes 30-31 seconds with the exact same phone (512MB, dual-core 1.3HGz) using Navigator 1.4.21 and still the same Android version 4.2.2.

    On "shorter" distances like 830 km (my home to wintersport destination of the last few years) the calculation time was also the same:  between 6-8 seconds. The strange thing, from my point of view, is that the calculation time varies more (taking the shorter distance into account).
    (I do the measurements on a freshly started phone 3 times after another).

    Note that I too want to mention, just like chattiewoman, that it is not slow. It is even incredibly fast especially on longer distances. It is still much faster, and sometimes an awful lot faster then other apps (only the new Here from nokia is the same, but crashes all the time on my phone in real life).
  • Suggestion: when routing with multiple waypoints, add a little button with function "ignore current waypoint, route to next one instead".
    And only if possible (android programming is not my thing), this could be mapped to a long press on a physical button. That would be ideal for motorcycle use.

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