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  • Another newbie question. 
    I have created around 20 favourites and a group folder. I have some favourites in the folder and some outwith it.
    I understand these details are stored in the favourites.xml file. When i open this file no data is displayed. The file size is 1kb.
    I have checked the routing_points.xml file and can see the details of 1 routing point i have created.
    Can someone confirm that the favourites details should be visible in the favourites.xml file and if so, shed any light on why nothing is visible there?
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  • Maybe you have the same issue as me: http://forum.mapfactor.com/discussion/comment/3648#Comment_3648
    The file is filled (it must be, else the app would not store the favourites), but the file does not show yet. I can see the current version only after a phone restart. Not kidding.
  • Hi chattiewoman and thanks for your speedy reply.
    Shutting down the device-samsung galaxy 10.1 tab did not solve the problem.
    As you say, the data must be there otherwise i would not see it in myplaces and i would not be able to use it.
    I added another entry and the .xml file properties show the correct time the file was last accessed, but still no data on view.
    Do you know if i delete the .xml file (corrupt?) whether another empty one will be created when i reopen navigator or will i have lost the file?
    I intend to enter many favourites-campsite locations etc. and would like to create a backup copy as i will be spending a lot of time entering the data. Not very confident in doing this if I cant even see the data!
    Any further comments would be appreciated.
  • As far as I know, you may delete the file as a new, empty one would automatically be created. Just one guess: Are you really in the correct phone directory? These app data may be stored in the internal memory or, if set up, on the SD card.
  • favourites.xml should be in folder navigator - it is not empty even if it is just created

  • Have deleted favourites.xml file, shutdown, rebooted, opened navigator and created a new favourite. File still not showing the entry. I presume if the data is being stored and  I just cannot see it then i should be able to create a backup copy, which was my initial intention.
    Favourites.xml is stored in myfiles/storage/sdcard0/navigator.
    I am a windows dinosaur and have just established that sdcard0 is my hdd and not a sd card!
    Thanks for your help to date.
  • Hello,
    in my smartphone, I've a favourites.xml
    in PC version : no favourites.xml !?
    how to import favourites ?  PC<->phone ?

  • In my german WIN7 Pro it is under
    <name> is your user name
    In english version it's probably called

  • If you have stored your maps and data on the external SD card then depending on the version of Navigator that you are running and when you did the initial installation it will be in the folder called /navigator or in /Android/data/com.mapfactor.navigator/files/navigator
  • @Rodolf

    Thanks for clearing out the folder location
  • Im confused. Got a new S4 mini, backuped my favourites, profile etc. from my old S1+ and stored them as Roldorf declared (both variations) but cant find them after starting Navigator free
  • Having a restless night I found the solution myself. I created a favourite on my new phone, searched for favourites.xml and found the path
    Putting my "old" *.xml-files into that folder now everything works fine with my beloved settings, POI, routes etc.

    My mistake was to put it in an identical path and folder but on internal SD (Phone). I dont know why that one exists without any data inside :/
    But now I'm a lucky one and hope this helps anyone else =;

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