Issue with route recalculation
  • Hi!
    I have the following issue:
    I have calculated a route which permitts motorways (setting=green). Let´s assume I change my opinion and now I want to avoid motorways (setting = red). But: The recalculation shows me the same route with motorways. If I go on with show map, then menu then route info, then Itinerary and calculate once again without motorways it works. So correct recalculation works only with the second try. I recognised this also when I played a little bit with toll road and charge roads.

    In general:
    When I change my road restrictions, he calculates the right result only after this procedure show map--> menu--> route info --> Itinerary--> calculate route which is not very comfortable and time consuming.

    Am I doing something wrong, or is this a bug that mapfactor doesn´t take the new setting/restriction immediately in the recalculation?

    Using Mapfactor free 1.3.24 with newest Android version.

    Kind regards,
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  • I do not have this problem, once I restrict motorways, route is recalculated as expected
  • I agree to tomas. It's the same here. Changing profile even from car to pedestrian or disabling toll roads or so in profile I get a recalculation.
  • It works fine for me as well. Version 1.3.36
  • So you guys see the original route (for example with motorway) in ITINERARY, then you go to ROUTE SETUP  change for example Motorway to red, going back to ITINERARY press calculate and you see the modified route.
    I tried example routes for Austria, Slovenia and Germany. I don`t get the modified route at the first glance which should be normal. If I make the procedure as described above it works.  ??

    Which countries have you tried?

  • I go to Tools/calculate route. not itinerary
  • hi tomas,
    thank you for the hint. Now it works. Have you tried it
    also with CALCULATE in ITINERARY because for me it was the logical way
    because you can see the routing points first and can you go to after
    calculation to SHOW ON MAP.......
    But just a question to the
    developers: Is CALCULATE in TOOLS different from CALCULATE in ITINERARY?
    Recalculation doesn´t work (in my tests) with CALCULATE in ITINERARY.

  • for me it works correctly in itinirary as well
  • okay. I´ll use in future tools for recalculation
  • I encounter this problem few time. But is aleatory. I cannot reproduce now for example...

  • I also have that problem if recalculating route from itinerary.

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