Android : 1.3.24 : My Places --> Favourites : When selected, no option to delete (W+ conformation)

  • Android : 1.3.24 : 

    "My Places" --> "Favourites"

    When a Favourite is selected, there no option to delete it. 

    FYI, if you are a novice user reading this : a Favourite (as far as I can tell) contains GPS coordinates and a label.

    However, Favourites probably are full address records. 


    There would need to be an extra conformation in the "Favourite Deletion Step" if the feature existed.
    Mainly, the extra conformation is for safety. 
    Some extra coding required but not much. 

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  • press and hold until menu appears
    but it changed recently to single click

  • Note That Menu, at least in English says : 


    Set as Departure

    Set as Waypoint

    Set as Destination

    Show on Map

    with no hint of a scrollbar.


    Yes, I did finally discover it scrolls but I tried scrolling it dozens of times with no luck. 

    More of an accident, if you ask me. 


    The full menu : 


    Set as Departure

    Set as Waypoint

    Set as Destination

    Show on Map



    Share as GPX


    Make scroll bar needs to be made more obvious in this part of the user interface.

    Test code around scrolling here, and with other similar menus, you may have a UI code defect. 

    The mobile phone I am using is the same size as a "Kit Kat" candy bar, so all non-obvious scrolling interface items can look very solid and immovable. 

    Also Map, Destination, Waypoint etc ... all need to be capitalized! 


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