Maps not accessible on SD card after KitKat upgrade
  • Hello,

    Just upgraded to KitKat 4.4.2 on Iconia A1 but Navigator 1.2.50 doesn't see external card, SDcard1. Although there is a folder called Navigator on internal storage SDcard0, the newly downloaded maps are being stored within the app and the "Navigator" folder remains empty. Clearing data within app settings will delete stored map :-( ls there any fix for this or is this down to the new security card blocking feature?
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  • backup map data folder and then clear in application manager

  • Thanks Tomas :)

    I'll give it a go.
  • Hi Krell !
    Did you find a solution ?
    I have a similar problem with the 4.4.2 : The application and the maps are stored inside the phone, not the sD card. Is there a way to put them on the SD and that Navigator finds them ?

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