Say the Name of the road when turning to
  • Instead of saying "Turn right" or "bear right" would it be possible to also say the name of the new road?
    E.g.  "Turn right on to St. Paul" or especially on the highway, "Take the slip road towards E49 towards Venice"
    This will help tremendously and boost the confidence level in driving.
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  • and select synthetic sound
  • erdfc246 is right. Even with the synthesized voice it mentions the "road names" not the ref tag or (int:ref) tag  like E49. This is what I also requested in the 2nd topic of the  test of android version 1.3.2x  on that 1st page.

    What erdfc246 is even asking more is that the name of the destination is spoken, which is the destination tag of the exit or ramp.
    If that could be added it would really be great.

    So currently when you exit a motorway or trunk you only hear to go right or left, unless the road to turn to has a name instead of a ref or int:ref. Note that I prefer the ref tag over the int:ref tag, like in Germany ref="A1" int:ref="E 37", or in the Netherlands ref="A28" int:ref="E232".
  • or even more - filling stations, the history of the places around us (guide of the metropoly), POI's.
  • I agree with erdfcv246 and hvdwolf, that if the ref tags like A1 or numerical exit numbers  (1, 2, etc...) were said along with the direction to turn, it would create more confidence for the driver that they were taking the correct slip road.
  • Where is the TTS & synthetic sound setting?
  • settings/language
  • I  cannot find the above mentioned setting.

    So EXACTLY where is this setting!

    Is it  it in Mapfactor or is in the Android Settings?

    A complete answer rather than a partial would be appreciated.


  • Start Navigator
    On the main screen below My places there is a settings tab pick it.
    Scroll down to Languages and pick it.
    There you will see three choices
    Application Language
    Voice engine
    Voice language

    Under voice engine you can pick Google TTS. (Text to speech)

    or you can download more voices if you don't like the one from google.

    Hope that helps.

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