Navigator 7 works better
  • I have been driving all over Scotland using Navigator 7 for years. I was looking to try and update the maps as they are now out of date and saw Navigator 11 free version. So I downloaded it, and was very disappointed on several counts:

    1. Nav 11 ignores motorways and dual carriage ways when routing whatever setting I use. I have tried car and truck, fastest and quickest. I live a mile from the A1 dual carriage way, but Nav 11 insists on sending me along the coast road through all the fishing villages, and into Musselburgh (a total bottleneck) If I ignore the suggested route and head for the A1 it keeps telling me to come off at the next exit. My home is EH32 0EZ. Also the other day I went to a house above Stirling (FK15 0NQ) and to come home I put my home postcode in, and Nav 11 took me back to the A9 and over the bridge, but instead of saying first left onto the slip road access to A9 it told me to go straight on into Stirling. Can I do anything to correct this from settings?

    2. Often I only have an address to navigate to. Nav 7 asks for city, (Edinburgh) street name (Gorgie Road) and then house number within a range. It then navigates me to the door. Nav 11 does not know Gorgie Road even though it is a major arterial road in the city, has the Hearts football Stadium on it, If I cold find it, it then asks which intersection. I have no idea where 264 Gorgie Road is so have no idea which turning it is near. 

    My ideal fix would be to use Nav 7 for the search and algorithm, and maps from Nav 11. Is that possible? Alternatively how does one update the maps for Nav 7? 

    I was disappointed that Nav 11 is not as user friendly, especially as I have been so pleased with Nav 7. I don't have the confidence in Nav 11 to launch blind into, say, Glasgow and know that it will get me in and out efficiently on the M8 and to the door where I am going from only the address. Nav 7 does this every time.
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  • Hi Ecosais,
    you simply cannot compare map data from Teleatlas with free maps from OSM. Maps from Teleatlas (available in all commercial versions) have more accurate attributes and consequence is that routes are better. The same applies to seraches.

    As Ando says - you can improve OSM maps by doing your bit and amend maps and map attributes on If everybody helps, then maps will soon be as good as commercial maps, may be even better.

  • Hi Tomas
    Thanks for the reply. Are you saying that Nav 11 paid for version would be as reliable as Nav 7? Would it not still have the same search pattern as the free version (ie you have to know the area to find the street)?
  • yes, that is what I am saying
    in fact, in my opinion, Navigator 11 is a lot better

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