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  • As I can change the average speed of the ways and streets?
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  • I believed that the average speed of the ways and streets automatically come from maps, or from files linked to maps.
    And I'm surprised because I get 70 km/h for any street in a french city where the speed limit is 50 km/h, except on some large ways.
    So, how to correct these data ?

  • Yes,
    The "free maps" are made by using the free data of the Openstreetmap Project. Everyone can participate.
    E.g. you can tag a street with "maxspeed=50".  Then this speedlimit will be used by navigator free.

    The more people are helping, the better the maps will get...
    You can use the free OSM-Editor JOSM to edit the map. Or use the mapeditor "Potlatch" directly in your Browser. 
    And yes... its fun... even if it looks complicated at first...

  • Ok Ando and thanks.

    But why do I get 70 km/h in any street ? Is it a default value for OSM or for Navigator ? I would be surprised if somebody tagged all the streeets to 70 km/h.


  • all streets without speed attribute are allocated speed depending on road category - it is simple as that
  • and how is allocated a road category corresponding to a street in a town ? That should be 50 km/h, isn't it ?
  • Hi Louis,

    the Maps of Openstreetmap arent that inteligent by default. You have to collect all the data. Maybe the street isnt tagged correct ... or your french town has much too less "mappers" around. You could change that :-)
    What is the name of the town? I could take a look at the map.

    Here you can find some categories for highways in Openstreetmap (in french). Sometimes the streets arent tagged correct by the people. But they arent profs. Its a project like wikipedia. Everybody can contribute. So there can be some mistakes. But you can correct them or add useful information (speedlimits, points of interessets, etc.)

  • Hi Ado,

    The city is Lyon, and the area is on the west of the 2 rivers, longitude and latitude are approximatively 4°48' and 45°45'

    There are 2 ways with 70 km/h at 4°46'58.8 / 45°45'33.3 and 4°46'48.6 / 45°45'58.4

    I think they are the only ones in this area, with a width and height about 3 kilometers, except an highway (90 km/h I think) at 4°47'37.4 / 45°46'09.9.



  • Hi Louis,

    looks like this section. I´ve checked the streets with JOSM. And ... yes... there is no "maxspeed" tag for this streets (Boulevard du Hesperides + Boulevard du Valvert). They are tagged as "highway=primary".

    So I can tag this street with maxspeed=50. 
    When mapfactor is updating the FREE Maps... Navigator should tell you the correct maximum speed for this streets. 
    So this is actually no mapfactory bug. 
    The OSM data is still not 100% covered. But YOU can change it. And as I can see ... your area could need some help, because there are almost NO maxspeed-Tags around your area (grey street = no maxspeed-tag).

    Here is an reportage about Openstreetmap in french. 
    Maybe you could help mapping some streets (or just adding some more information to the existing streets)?
    Here is a video-tutorial in german (using JOSM).

  • Hi Ando,

    I meant that the streets "Boulevard des Hesperides" and "Boulevard du Valvert" are limited to 70 km/h. All the other streets in the area are limited to 50 km/h except the highway on the north (90 km/h I believe).

    I also meant that Navigator might be able to assign always 50 km/h in cities (if there is a tag "city"), except if there is a tag related to a special speed limitation.


  • this is not that simple - a lot of streets have higher speed limit and have no attribute "city", even if they are in a city
    if it is done as you suggest then other streets will be incorrect
  • Thats right. Each road section must be described separately (Yes, thats a lot of work. And thats why the OSM-project needs a lot of volunteers.). There is no overarching "city" tag or something like that for streets.
    In OSM there are some "higher level" areas (e.g. postcode-areas or boundarys). But like thomas said: Sometimes there are different speed limits within a city. And yes... you have to define them all by hand ... one by one...
    Well, I think I shouldn´t tag the streets in Lyon. I can´t proof where the speed limit starts or ends. I dont live there (Unfortunately. Looks beautiful :-)). I think I would make more mistakes than corrections. 

    (It seems that the "Boulevard du Valvert" has a speed limit 50 kmh. 
    BUT it is not allowed to use data from Google or any other Map with proprietary copyright for OSM. You have to collect the data by yourself or with explicit admission). 

    But maybe there are some people around your location who will complete the data for West-Lyon. Or you could try yourself.

    Everyone is invited to contribute to the OSM-Project.

  • I understand but, as 99% of streets are limited to 50 km/h in french cities, this speed should be the default value.
    And I get 70 km/h in this (beautiful indeed !) city. So, that means there is a wrong default value, or a wrong OSM defined value in this area.
    A small part of "Boulevard du Valvert" has probably a speed limit equal to 50 kmh.
    Anyway, I think we should get always 50 km/h by default, a pessimistic value but more suitable to prevent overspeed.

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