Missing turning instruction
  • Today, I drove here: http://www.openstreetmap.org/#map=18/51.93399/8.79114
    I drove "Am Fischerteich" to the east. My destination was somewhere in the northeast, so I had to turn left into "Wilhelm-Mellies-Straße", which also was the route the app suggested.
    However, there was no turning instruction at the end of "Am Fischerteich" (no voice, no sign).
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  • This is no turn, it's just a bend ;-)
  • :-P
    Ach, Hauptsache jeder versteht, was ich eigentlich meine! ;-)

    Please note that when you drive straight somewhere else, where road name A ends and road name B begins, there IS an instruction (to drive straight).
    Here again, the road name changes, but still no instruction.
  • instructions are not given if you cannot go anywhere else, name is irrelevant
  • But you can drive straight. When we look into the OSM data, we see just a service road, but in reality this road is as wide as any other residential road. Without the map, I would have driven straight instead of left. That's why I find an instruction is missing.
  • @tomas: re: instructions are not given if you cannot go anywhere else

    I can understand this, but sometimes it may be really confusing: this week Navigator told me
    twice "turn right", just before a left turn! I tried to turn right,
    but there was opposite direction of one way road -
    I would prefer if
    navigator told me
    “turn left” (or  remained silent) before “turn
    right” instruction!

  • turn right to Schafenweg?
  • Yes. In similar situations. More exactly the instruction is "Turn right in 200 m".

    Even more confusing it is from Davídkova to Liberecká in Prag. Instruction "Turn right" is  just before left turn. (Don't look at OSM, I have made changes here). (Detail navigation must be checked.)

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