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    I am using mapfactor on android for more then 2 years and I was always satisfied. But since the last map updates of Polish and Czech map there are German names of cities and other locations in the map. For me it is hard to orientate, because I just know the indigenous names. I was already looking in the settings to change to polish and czech names but I could not found an option like in OsmAnd. 

    Is it possible to get the real names, how I see it on the town entrance signs in the respective country?



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  • Ich kenne zur Zeit leider nur einen Workaround: in den Einstellungen die Sprache des Programms (nicht der Ansagen) auf Polnisch bzw. Tschechisch stellen.

    @mapfactor please add the possibility to show original names no matter which application language
  • @chattiewoman: Danke, hat funktioniert, leider wird die gesamte Bedienung auf die gew√§hlte Sprache umgestellt und auch die Namen der Orte in den Nachbarl√§ndern.

    So I put on the top of my wish list for mapfactor: Please add
    in settings
    a switch for native / international names in the map.

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