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    if I set the following coordinates as destination: long. 7.395680, lat. 53.219458 (Jemgumer Weg 3, Bingumgaste) I get the message: "Routing not possible".
    There are no road restriction at all in this area and I allowed the program to use any kind of roads for navigation.
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  • Da steht in der Sackgasse Jegumer (also ohne m nach e) und die Sackgasse ist eine Einbahnstra├če, die nur aus der Sackgasse herausf├╝hrt, nicht aber hinein. Das wird das Problem sein. Wenn Du das Ziel aus der Sackgasse raus setzt, findest Du auch eine Route.
  • The correct name is "Jemgumer Weg". That was a mistake in OSM. This part of the "Jemgumer Weg" is the driveway to No. 3, Jemgumer Weg and I can drive it in both directions. I already change this in OSM.
  • as far as I can see it is oneway street with dead end, so you cannot enter it from anywhere
  • In the moment I'm working in this area and had to find this adress (Jemgumer Weg 3). It isn't a oneway street, only a simple driveway part of the "Jemgumer Weg" leading to "Jemgumer Weg" No. 3 as dead end, that can be entered from "Jemgumer Weg" and on the same way I can leave the property to "Jemgumer Weg" again.
  • it is marked as oneway street in osm
  • That is a mistake in OSM and I have edit this.
  • thanks, it will be in August release

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