Questions about TomTom maps vs OSM maps
  • I would like to use my android tablet as a GPS navigator and I have some questions first.

    I downloaded and tested the free OSM maps and found them lacking in detail....namely finding specific house addresses. I like the interface and it seemed to do a pretty good job of pinpointing my position, but without the ability to find an actual street address it could never replace my TomTom as a navigation device.
    I realize that the OSM maps are community based which is good for up to date changes but of course I'm then dependent on someone having actually visited the house I'm looking for and has bothered to add it to the database!
    My main question is: Are the TomTom maps more detailed in that respect (or at least as detailed as the maps I currently have on my TomTom device)? I'm not against purchasing maps, but I don't want to waste money on something that doesn't suite my needs.

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  • Hi Tim,
    mostly yes, but coverage is various country to country.
    may be give two or three examples and I will check for you.

    If you look at the above link, you'll see that there are no houses shown in the area where I live.
  • in this area TomTom has number ranges, meaning Grasgavien 2 and another corner 18
    we then estimate location of intermidiate numbers
  • What I need to know is if I purchase the TomTom map of Norway, will it be as detailed as my TomTom Go?
  • yes, it should be, currently we sell maps release by TomTom in late March
    but we do not have buildings...

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