Temp files not deleted?
  • Hi all,

    let me first say that I am using Navigator Free on Android with OSM maps and really like the app and its features. Thanks for all the good work that MapFactor are putting into the development!

    After installation of the new version (v1.2.50) I tried to update my maps. Navigator suddenly told me that there was not enough space on my sdcard left although I had not installed any new maps... I checked the files in the "/navigator" directory and noticed that in "temp/torrent" there were all the *.mca files left even though the maps had been already updated. This behaviour could be reproduced.

    Could it be that the program forgets to delete the temporary files after map installation / update? Or do I have to make any additional settings?

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  • well this is tested, they are normally deleted, but if download did not finish correctly then files remain in the torrent folder for later completion
  • Hi Tomas,

    thanks for your quick reply.

    This seems to be different in my version: I just downloaded the map of Albania for testing. The installation finished without error, Navigator was terminated but the temp file (albania_osm_140613.mca) is still existing in the "torrent" subdirectory.

    Just checked the same with "Direct Download" in expert settings, then the temp files are deleted. So the problem seems to occur for torrent downloads only.

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