TeleAtlas/Tomtom maps how update
  • Hello,

    Congratulatation for MapFactor Free

    After using Mappy free that I found very well before the last day, I begin to test MapFactor Free in anticipation of a France / Spain / Portugal

    OSM maps are sometimes empty (eg Portugal), I plan to buy the Europe map (Tomtom) with MapFactor.
    Before I need to find information on how and the conditions is the Tomtom map updates from Mapfactor.

    Thanks for help


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  • Hi Didier,
    licence is unlimited, but updates are chargeable, approx half of the full price.
    You can updatemaps at any time, no need to do it every quarter.
  • Tomas,

    Can we expect an update for european Tomtom maps next days? Mine are from 2013 (version 47-2013) and in 2 weeks the family will be travelling from Portugal to Norway by car. We would feel safer with updated data in our Navigator.

    Best regards,

  • yes, it will be very soon

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