Map completely frozen on HTC Flyer
  • Hello;
    I've recently decided to convert an old tablet into a navigation aid and immediately stumbled upon a problem.
    Application installs fine; maps download and install fine; when I press the Map button, the map shows up with my position, but when I use my finger to scroll, the frame just stays there. The zoom buttons react as if they'd work, but the map itself stays the same. All the other buttons work fine, too.

    I am using a freshly reinstalled Android 3.2.1 Honeycomb.

    I will be posting a video of this a bit later on.
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  • there is a problem with Android 3.x
    try to upgrade Android
  • Bummer. The only way I can imagine upgrading is with another tablet.
  • please email and I will sent you previous version
  • Maybe try downgrade tablet to Android 2.xx, and install the newest Navigator(???).
  • That is a bug in the newer versions of Navigator. 

    The problem appeared only after one update (of around 23 April 2014?). Previously I did use the app with success. Since ALL  the other map/navigation apps work fine on the tablet, it is clearly something wrong in the new versions, and NOT with your tablet.

    The screen stops responding, but you'll notice a funny thing: it gets updated with your previous actions when you change the tablet vertical position from landscape to portrait and vice versa.

    SOLUTION: until they correct this bug (which apparently they cannot figure out), you have to reinstall an older version of Navigator (like 1.1.5).


    1. Uninstall any version newer than 1.1.5.
    2. Install version 1.1.5. Don't worry, it is good enough, it'll do the job.
    3. Make sure you disable automatic updates for this app (otherwise, in a couple of hours, you 'll get stuck with a new buggy one).
    4. Check manually for a newer version every 2-3 months and see if they fixed the bug.
    5. If the bug is still there, revert to version 1.1.5 and go to step 3.

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