Messages sometimes come too late
  • Hello,I really love your FREE Navigator with OSM (German Mapfactor Voice). Love it too drive along streets I have tagged. :-)
    But I have a problem:
    The conversation typically goes like this: "Turn left"

    The problem is the timing. When I am driving in a city the messages are coming too late... The message needs to come earlier, so the driver have time to react. I don't want to be told what turn Ive just missed half the time.

    Is there a possibility to hear the messages earlier ("In 300m turn left." or "At the next traffic light - turn left." Can I use the settings.xml to change this? Or is this a problem mostly created by not optimized OSM Maps?

    Maybe it would be a good thing to make 2 messages in a row (linked by "and then"), when changes of directions would come very quickly. 

    Thanks for your wonderful product! I really appreciate it!

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  • Hi,

    okay. Im sorry... my wanted function EXISTS... The lady actually uses "and then". But only sometimes (to me) it is too late.
    For example HERE. When I come from the roundabout and I have to use the "Autobahn" (at the traffic light - left) then the "Turn left" command comes when I am already waiting at the traffic light...



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