Maps? Can Not Today?
  • America, states are not "active" for downloading Win7 PC.  What am I missing?  Downloaded 4 states to my Nexus 7 this A.M.  Is there another  site ?  Or, do you go part way into the Application menu to find "Download Maps"?
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  • what do you mean by 'not active'?
  • Not "clickable"  ie no action.

    Thanks for any advice?
  • I have no problem
    clickable you mean ticking check box?
  • tomas,

    I see the "Map Downloads" OSM are via the Install Application Menu.   I have my maps now.

    Now I am trying to transfer specific "routing points" made up on the DT to my Nexus 7 either by BT or USB?

    Thank you. 

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