Too many windows to leave the program.
  • There are now many options to select/unselect, when I want to leave the program.

    First is like/unlike. I have rated the software already at the playstore. Why am I asked to consider again?

    Next is, do I really want to finish (with donate).

    Please make just one window to confirm if I want to close Navigator. Thanks.
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  • Even better: remove any exit confirmation. If I want to close, I know what I'm doing.
  • +1. I really don`t like all these confirmation dialogues too. Please delete them. And note: If an app get`s on somebodys nerves, the person probably won`t click "i like it" or even pay for it.
  • Even after all exit confirmation your navigation may go on.
  • once you click like or dislike, this window should not appear again
  • Kubsztal: +1  Confirmation dialogs are old school.  It also takes more concentration to answer the dialog box.  Makes it all the more possible a future paying customer will get maimed or killed, thus nullifying the "paying" part.
  • once you click the Exit button, only service checking for new maps is running - you can disable it in settings
  • Or if someone wants that, make it an option if, we want that dialouges and/or the "turn back to Navigator" button in the notifications.

    Those things shall be optional.
  • It's called programming for idiots. Are we sure you really want to quit? Maybe you said exit accidentally.
  • I don´t know whether Gaspar means the same (by "Even after all exit confirmation your navigation may go on.") but when I exit the navigator I get an ad displayed in 90% of the cases* (which is okay) but when I click that away in 90% of the cases Navigator starts again and crashes. I have the feeling that it happens if you have an online connection only but I am not sure.

    Android 7.1.1 on Sony Xperia Z5 compact (but the same happened on earlier versions also)

    *) I don´t pay via PlayStore or PayPal or something in general – is there any other option?
  • This is rather old bug. I've got premium opt. bought and i have similar situation- but of course without ad. Exiting from MFN often causes crash with proper Android message, and restart (what is somehow strange, not full, but to notification area icon only).

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