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    I am a cycle tourist. I would like to use my phone as a sat nav on pre planned routes, but I can't. What I do is to use things to plan my route in advance and use that for a days cycling which can be anything from 40 to 60 miles.  Bike route toaster will then produce a .gpx file that I can import into a specialist Garmin Cycle satnav and the Garmin will then give me directions on a moving map. Garmins are expensive but most of us have Android phones. We run other apps like cycle computers on them.

    Preplanning is absolutely essential to a cycle tourist. You cannot afford to loose 10 miles (an hours riding), thus pre planned routing like you can do with a cycle Garmin is extremely important.

    So, what is needed is for an Android satnav app provider like yourselves to provide a means of importing a gpx file and the ability to follow its track. Phones batteries are restricted. All of us presently only work with mapping and position finding apps that work off downloaded maps on smartphones only because we are often in areas with no phone signal.

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  • create folder navigator/gpx and copy your GPX files there
    you will be able to show this route on the map
  • This feature is called guidance on a given track and hardly works on any navigation app so far. That is at least my experience.

    Try Oruxmaps (officially has that feature)  and tell me if it works on your device.

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