Cannot read GPS data
  • I have Navigator 1.15 on an Android 4.04 tablet. The tablet has no internal GPS so I installed a USB one with the "You Are Here" app from Google.
    The tablet is reading NMEA sentences fine from the dongle but Navigator fails to get any valid GPS signal and I suspect it's looking at the wrong port. There seems to be no way to change the ports on the Android version like there is in Windows. Can anyone help me to find a way to get this thing to work? 
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  • I know that you need something like BluetoothGPS from Google Play if you have BT GPS, may be there is a similar app for USB?
  • Thanks for your suggestion tomas but like other reviewers of that app, it doesn't work for me. The "You are Here" app I'm using reads the gps and writes the positions to the screen as it receives them but Navigator isn't reading the output from that app. I'll try other gps reading apps but I think the problem is with Navigator's settings.

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