Stopping navigation ends GPX recording
  • I was using Android version 1.2.20.
    I first started gpx recording, then started navigating.
    After some time on my journey, I decided to stop navigation long before having reached my destination.
    The moment I stopped navigation, also the GPX recording was stopped. I saw that only when I reviewed my GPX file file ("Show on map").
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  • go to settings/GPS recording and set it to automatic
    this would then record all journeys and stopping navigation should not stop recording
  • But I don't want to record automatically. Normally I don't use both functions at the same time.

    By the way, two comments on roundabouts on my journey:
    • In my opinion, we don't need the voice saying there will be a roundabout in 500m, in 200m, and again .... Can I change that in an XML file? Do others agree that it should be deactivated by default?
    • On some roundabouts, the voice tells me to drive straight through instead of taking the second/whatever turn. What is the reason for that?
  • I am in the UK and we want to know when that roundabout is in x meters
    we used to have just exit numbers, but users demanded to say left, or straight, so we changed that - obviously you cannot please all users all the time :-)
  • I see. So, is there a chance for the users to set up the behaviour individually?
  • not at this moment, as far as I know
  • I totally agree with chattiewoman about the way to guide through roundabouts. I have mentioned it before. I can't understand why some users want this difference. Please look at

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