• Hello everyone, I need some information about PC Navigator:
    - What the difference between PC Navigator and PC Navigator Free (is somewhere a table that describe it?)
    - I hope that difference are map details and POIs...
    - If I buy the license from the PC Navigator Free software is the same as I buy the DVD from the website?
    - Using it on a laptop for hundreds miles wich one is the best one (free or payed)?
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  • I don't really know, what this is: http://www.mapfactor.com/de/produkte/standard-nav-soft/navigator-11/#e-shop

    What I know is, that Mapfactor Navigator is available as a free software for a variety of operating systems (Windows, Windows mobile, Android), which can work on two kind of maps. One map is based on OpenStreetMap an is free as well. So you have a completely free solution.

    Another map is a Tomtom Map and you have to pay for it. Some people say, that Tomtom maps are more reliable than OSM maps. I don't reallly know, if that is true.

    For me, free OSM maps are sufficient.
  • routing attributes are more consistent in TomTom maps
    with POIs and map coverage it differs from country to country, you could check routes.tomtom.com
    lane, signs and truck attributes are much better in TomTom
  • I'm planning a trip in the USA...
    That's what I think to do:
    Initial plan with the free maps. After the initial plan and just before my trip I'll buy the TOMTOM maps.

    Thank you!
  • Hi Dyk

    I spent 8 weeks touring Western USA in an RV using the Open Street Maps on an Android tablet. I had no problems with them whatsoever. I am considering a return visit to USA but would not bother to upgrade to TomTom maps. However in Europe these commercial maps do offer better 'routing' for our motorhome (and previously our car/caravan)!

  • Hi Dyk,
    Spent three weeks touring USA in Kansas and Colorado in 2012 using mapfactor navigator and the free maps without any problems. I used the shortest route to get off the beaten track and managed to see Bison and a wild tortoise.

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