Navigator Free 12.3.0 on WINCE 5.0 PNA : 3 bugs ?
  • Hello,

    Please see here :

    I wonder why I could not quit the "Road restrictions settings", maybe a "child window" in the background ? I'll avoid playing with it ...
    Another curious problem (although it is not very annoying since I can use a Latin keyboard) : I can't change the vrtual keyboard layout. Whatever change I make, it always reverts back to "QWERTY" (even "QWERTZ" is impossible). Or am I doing something wrong ?

    Thanks again.

    Edit : Another one ?? More annoying than the keyboard issue: I wanted to have a glance at the different colour schemes, but as soon as I have clicked something else than the active setting, the display switched to "orange" (or sepia ?) text, and nothing can change it again: as for the keyboard selection, the changes have no effect and my selection is not kept.

    Thanks from France ...
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  • Another try, and yet the same problem. It comes whenever I try to browse the various options in the "Appearance - Daymode coulour theme" screen: As soon as I touch the screen, the display changes although "default" remains checked, and I can't revert back to the initial values.

    Playing with Navigator free on my PC, I've identified the new daytime colours as beeing the default night theme. But on my PC, I can revert back, not on my PNA !

  • And another strange thing :

    When the colors are unchanged, the settings.xml file includes mainmenu section lines 47 to 67, but with my current install (colors alterd and impossible to change back), this section is LINE 133 and A SINGLE LINE !

    HTH again !

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