Use Navigator Free on a Viamichelin X-970T GPS
  • Thanks to Navigator Free, I was able to give a second live to my old Viamichelin X-970T GPS!
    Viamichelin stoped manufacturing GPS some years ago, and you cannot update the maps anymore.
    Hopefully I was able to install Navigator Free on it, and I now have a brand new GPS with maps from all over the world for free!

    To install Navigator Free on the VM X-970T:
    - On an empty SD card - this way you keep the original card just in case... - (I recommand a 2 Go card), create a "InstallSD" folder
    - Download Navigator Free set-up utility
    - With the set-up utility, install Navigator Free on the SD card in the InstallSD folder: choose "Install the software" / "Install Pocket Navigator" / "Windows CE device" (the VM 970 runs on Windows CE 5)
    - Still with the set-up utility, install the maps you wish in the same folder: choose "Install Data", and install the language too.
    - In the InstallSD folder, rename "Navigator.exe" to "InstallSD.exe"

    There are some missing Dlls on the Viamichelin that you need to install too. Here is the list:
    coredll.dll, ole32.dll, oleaut32.dll, shlwapi.dll, wininet.dll, ws2.dll, zlib.dll
    Type "download coredll.dll, ole32.dll, oleaut32.dll, shlwapi.dll, wininet.dll, ws2.dll, zlib.dll" on google and you should find them, for example on:
    Copy the Dlls on the SD card, still in the same folder.

    Insert the SD card in the GPS and perform a soft reset (insert a paperclip in the back).

    Navigator Free should start and you will be able to configure it.
    Navigator Free will propose COM1, 4800 bauds for the GPS, select this.
    In Settings / Language, select your language (ex: "Français") and the language for the Voice (ex: "Français: Mapfactor").

    If I did not forget any step, you now have a new GPS.
    Thank you MapFactor for providing this great sofware!

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  • hi
    i try to give a second live to my Viamichelin X-970T.
    I follow step by step your instruction.
    All files are in InstallSD repertory and also the maps (*.MCA)

    When i start my X-970T, i have this message : "Pas de carte dans le système" "OK";
    If i perform a soft reset i receive the same thing !

    Where can i'd do an error ?

    Thanks !

    ViaMichelin Navigation 6.5.4 (Buid 163) (on the original SD Card)
    Version ROM 1.0101.0409

  • I am trying to find ws2.dll but there seem to be hundreds of different "versions". I am  not a techie so which version do I need to load on to my X-970T?


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