Smart paste of coordinates in Search options
  • I would like to make a suggestion to make easier when searching a location with coordinates.
    Lot of apps out there allow to copy the coordinates in a format X,Y with X=LAT and Y=LONG (for instance 48.31810, 7.62280).

    When I use Mapfactor navigator to search this location then I just go to the Coordinates Tab option and paste the numbers. But actually I have to do this two times and adjusting by erasing because Mapfactor doesn't recognized the format X,Y and it would be a lot easier if it could automatically split the coordinates with the comma (,) and put the LAT and LONG numbers at their respective input cells.

    I hope you like this suggestion
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  • yes, we received your email, it will be considered
  • Thanks for the reply

    About coordinates it would be extremely useful if MapFactor could recognized and process shared weblink locations like:


    This way we could start navigating or store locations by simply opening or sharing the weblink location from any container. For instance an sms, email, google maps, whatsapp, etc, etc
  • Did this feature ever get added?

    I am traveling in South Africa right now and have found many sites and hotels giving latitude,longitude but can't enter it into my places.

    Or haven't figured out how.

    I didn't bring my laptop with my app for generating my places entries....

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