understanding "road restriction" parameters
  • Hello!
    First,  thanks to all the crew for giving us this great app, it's hard to find great apps for free in these days!

    I am trying to build my perfect way of routing using mapfactor, but I feel that some of the paramters of the "road restriction" section are a bit confusing.

    First of all, I have "calle principal" and "calle", in spanish "main street" and "street", both duplicated on every single profile. I don't know if this is a bug or not.

    Then, I would like to know the meaning and difference between the parameters "use speed restrictions", "extra urban speed", and "urban speed", and the way they combine each other.
    I mean, I don't understand what means "urban speed" when motorway tab is displayed, because a motorway is not supposed to have "urban speed". The samekind of question applies to other tabs. I don't really understand this kind of default settings for every type of road, and how should I configure it.
    What I do now, is simply put, for example, the same speed for both urban and extra urban, according to the theoretical legal speed limit of each road.

    And last, the "use speed restricion" and "preference" options, I don't understand how they work according to the other parameteres, and how they combine if both pressed, which of them have preference, what happens if there is  only one of them selected, etc... and how it reflects on calculating the route.

    It was obvious for me, that If I put 99% preference ond motorways and 1% on the rest, it should go mainly on motorways till there is no option, right?
    Well, this is a hardcore balancing, but... you know what I mean...
    But after doing some simulations, routes were not displayed as the most efficient for me, which is, driving through 30 kms of motorway is much more efficient than driving through 15 kms of slow and heay traffic secondary roads.

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  • Hi!

    If You want, try my preferences:

    Motorways 59,...59, 59, 59, 54, 54, 50 (55), 50 for small local roads, disable last roads.

     (55) -  sometimes I set it for shorter local routing.

  • Hi !
    I'm a French user of MapFactor Navigator for Androïd. Great application ! Congratulations !

    I ask myself the same questions : I don't really understand how "use speed restriction" acts on calculating the route and how this parameter combines with "Preference" percentage ?

    Is there a documentation that describes those parameters ?

    Could someone bring us some explanations ?



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