routing error
  • Navigator Free 12.4.5, latest Australia map.

    This one has puzzled me for a long time, but never got round to looking into it:

    Start: 33'49'45.0"S 151'07'40.5"E  (Approx Pittwater road/Massey Lane, but on Pittwater road heading towards Victoria road)

    End: 33'49'40.6"S 151'07'35.8E (Victoria Road/Gerard St Junction)

    Surely its faster to cross the road connecting the two half's of Victoria road, than drive all the way down to Punt Road, make a u-turn and then drive back up again?

    Even if the OSM tags are wrong, surely 3m of a minor road is faster than driving 500m down the road, and then 500 up the road again after a u-turn?


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  • try to switch small local road on, in settings/vehicle profiles/car/road restrictions
  • That would probably fix the issue for me, but is that the best solution when looking at the bigger picture (and all users of Navigator)?



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