Probleme speedcam (radar) France
  • Bonjour,

    Je viens d'installer Map Factor, après avoir utilisé longtemps Sygic.
    D'abord félicitations pour ce GPS qui n'a rien à envier aux ténors Sygic, tomtom etc...

    J'ai un seul souci, je ne vois pas les radars (ni vitesse ni feu rouge) sur la carte. Et aucune alerte sonore.
    Précision : pour la France.

    Est-ce normal ou une anomalie ?

    Merci pour votre aide.
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  • Hello,

    I just installed Map Factor after using Sygic long.
    Congratulations for this GPS that has nothing to envy the tenors Sygic, tomtom etc ...

    I have one concern, I do not see the radar (or speed or red light) on the map. And no audible alert.
    Accuracy: for France.

    Is this normal or a bug?

    Thank you for your help.
  • Here in the UK the Speed Camera files are split into France and no France as it is illegal to have them in

    I use SCDB for the Files and they used to have Files for France and Not France
  • So it is normal not to have Speed cameras in France?

    Will it users in France confirer please?
  • Hi Map_free,

    They do have speed cameras in France but you are not allowed to have any warning on where they are.

    So if your satnav is capable of giving you advance warning even if you don't have it switched on, you can be liable if caught to a fine and maybe the satnav will be confiscated.

    Radar detectors come under the same rules.

    Presumably they are trying to stop people doing silly speeds between cameras and slowing only when they pass a speed trap.

    They tried putting wrecked cats on roundabouts to try a slow people down.

  • I meant cars on roundabouts, not cats.

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